Awesome Animation start page with awesome timeline Profile view

Hey in this post we learn about how to add .GIF images to android application and create awesome looking sign in page and a awesome looking profile page with timeline view...

Here is a video of how its look like

1. Creating New Project

1. Create a new project in Android Studio from File ⇒ New Project and select Basic Activity from templates.or you can chose your existing project.
2. Add this dependency to your app/build.gradle. And Sync the project.

3. Go to app\src\main\res\values and open style.xml file and change Theme.AppCompat.Light.DarkActionbar to Theme.AppCompat.Light.NoActionBar
3. Now we first design the front page where we put a .gif file as a logo so it look more awesome. and also add some buttons.

   Note: Download the draweble images from here if you dont use them you can create your own.
   Download: Drawable Images

3.1 Open activity_main.xml file and past this code.

4. Now create a new activity right click on your package name and click new and click activity and chose empty activity and name it as Profile.

5. Now we can link this activity in MainActivity so open your file and past this code.

6. Now we will create one more activity in layout resorce folder. And name it as app_bar_layout.xml. After creating this add this code to this layour xml file.

6.1 Now open activity_profile.xml file and past this code.

7. Now open file and past this code it will add the back button to your activity profile.

Thats it now you can run your app and see how its look like thanks for your time. Hope you like this post. 

If you got any problem you can ask me in the comment section I will help you...

Download the full source code from here-> Source code download