4 awesome GitHub Repository you can use in your application to make it look Amazing #PART 1

This is the part 1 for this kind of post soon I will post more GitHub Repository list post :D 

Hello guys I am sorry that I am busy so I am not able to make any new UI designs but I have so many ideas to make but I did not have time but I can help you guys with something I find so many GitHub Repository which are look awesome and great you guys can use this repos in your android projects and make your app look awesome I will make new UI design and codes when I am free but it will take some time. So for now follow this and enjoy...

1. FlipViewPager.Draco

This project aims to provide a working page flip implementation for usage in ListView. This project is design and developed by https://yalantis.com/

To use this in your application you just need to follow the documentation provide in the repository 

2. Shimmer-android

Shimmer-android is an Android port of Facebook Shimmer library for iOS. This repository is developed by RomainPiel.


Examples of usage: 
  • show a loading indicator 
  • show a highlighted TextView.

You can use this library easily just need to add the dependency to gradle and then add the xml code in activity xml file and add some code in java that it follow the below link to see the codes in the GitHub Repository.

3. ExpandingCollection for Android

ExpandingCollection is a material design card peek/pop controller. Android UI Library made by @Ramotion https://dev.ramotion.com

  • Android 4.0 IceCreamSandwich (API lvl 14) or greater 
  • Your favorite IDE

maven repo: 


Now follow the GitHub Repository for further editing and coding...

GitHub Repository-> https://github.com/Ramotion/expanding-collection-android

4. BoomMenu

This an Awesome library to use in your application it will give a good and amazing look just follow the wiki of this repo Documentation



You can done that easily so just follow the steps in the Repository and implement it in your application

GitHub Repository-> https://github.com/Nightonke/BoomMenu

Thanks for your time I will come back with more post soon... If you want any help and want any request then you can always comment down bellow...


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