Awesome Menu Drawer GuillotineMenu-Android Tutorial on How to implement

Hey everyone sorry for not posting for a long time I have some problem to fix so now I fixed some of them but have many more to fix but now I find one awesome menu animation to implement it is available on GitHub but I did not find any way to implement so I think to make this tutorial so lets start...

If you faced any problem you can always ask me in the comment section I will help you...

Heres How its look like 


So let's start first thing first create a new project in the android studio you can use your old project as well but it can give you some problem to implement so ask me if you stuck...

1. Open project level build.gradle file and past this dependency some are new so paste it clearly...

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url "" }
2. Now open app level build.gradle file and past this codes and Sync the project

3. Now open your file and paste this code...

4. Open your activity_main.xml file and paste this code...

5. Now create a new activity and name it as guillotine.xml

6. Now open your color.xml file and add this colors.

7. Now create a new XML file in values folder and name it dimen.xml and paste this code

8. Now open your style.xml file and paste this code.

That's it now you can run this application it works now one thing if you want to change the layout from one activity to another then it is the big deal if anyone wants to get that code comment down below I will update the article soon...

Get the full code from GitHub ->


  1. Hi. I'm having trouble building your code. Can you plz send me a whole gradle file?

    1. My email address is thank you!


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