3 Most important application project using Firebase ChatApplication, InstagramApplication, QuizeApplication full Source Code.

Hey, guys sorry for the late posts I am busy with my new job but I did not forget you guys I will add tutorials after I got my laptop. But right now I find some projects that will help you out with your carer. And relay I thanks to KOD Dev for this awesome projects. 1 ChatAppTutorial […]

How to check if a User Data exists in Database or not | Firebase Firestore A complete tutorial || PART 5 ||

Hey, what’s up guys, this is a simple small tutorial to check if the user already stored the data in the database or not the database of the user is empty. Here is the video tutorial for your help You can check this in your any activity you just need to add this one simple line […]

Storing User Data like name, image To Firestore | Firebase Firestore A complete tutorial || PART 4 ||

Hey, welcome to the 4th part of the series in this part we know how to store image, name and other user data to firebase Firestore. In the last part we get the image Uri from choosing an image from the gallery now we have to upload that image to Firebase Storage before that we […]

Chose Image From Gallery & Show in ImageView || Firebase Firestore A complete tutorial || PART 3 ||

Hey, what’s up guys welcome back to the 3rd part of the series in this series we will know how we can choose an Image from our gallery also we can snap an image from the camera and set that image in ImageView. First thing first let’s add this dependency in your app level build file… […]

Firebase Firestore A complete tutorial || PART 2 || Signup interface using Firebase authentication & registering a new User

Hey Whats up guys welcome back to the second part of the series in the last part we learn how to log in user using firebase and start this series in this part we will register the user using firebase So lets start. So open the project. And open your SignupActivity xml file which we […]

2018 tutorial with updated dependency “Firebase Cloud Messaging and Firebase In-App Messaging “

Hey everyone someday ago someone mail me to make a post about Firebase cloud messaging. So here I am with a new post. In this post we will learn about how to add cloud messaging feature in your application this is a new way like there are so many tutorials available but this is new […]

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